STRONG Flour W320

Perfect for round Pizza, Pizza alla romana, focaccia bread andbakery products that need a long processing.

EFFEPI Flour W360

Perfect for Panettone, Pandoro, Easter cake, croissants and all the bakery products that need a long processing and maturation.


It is ideal for big to medium-sized cereal and seed loaves. It is also perfect for a stunning taste rustic focaccia bread.

SOFT Flour W160

Perfect for pasta, shortcrust pastry, cakes, some types of breadsticks and bread.


Perfect for medium rising doughts with an hydratation from 65 to 75% and for making of pasta.


Perfect for every kind of bread and biscuits with a unique taste and highly digestible.

RYE Flour

Perfect for rustic and aromatic taste bakery products.


Perfect for Polenta and bakery products such as Maize biscuits (Meliga) and special breads.