Who we are

“Eating is an agricultural act” (Wendell Berry)

We are a circle of friends, each of us with our own competences and experiences in agri-food world.

We like food that nourishes, not food that feeds.

We are passionate about true stories, much less about cover stories.

We love our land and we do identify ourselves in it as farmers, millers and bread-makers.

We prefer walking the paths at the right pace, taking no shortcuts, respecting nature without asking more than it could offer and committing ourselves to return at least what it was given.

Since 2015 we have linked together our passion and our ideas in a controlled and sustainable food chain.

All this just to be able to give you ViVa, our flour.

ViVa: the reason why

“The best stories often begin sitting around a table”

ViVa story was born around a table where one day a tough question was dished:

“why does bread no longer taste like it used to be?”. Like all the things that are hard to swallow, also this question stood there for a while, without moving forward. So, being unable to find a satisfying answer we have decided to take a step ahead. And ViVa was born.

ViVa is not only a name. It is a concept. We believe that only from the best cereals the best flour can be obtained – and the best cereals can only be obtained by awareness and knowledge of what you are doing.

ViVa is not only a flour. It is a food chain. Our flour is the result of the work of people who chose to combine their skills and their passions. It is a gift the land gives, skillfully turned in a healthy and genuine raw material.

Our flour ViVa speaks the language of the land where the cereals were cropped. It maintains the light touch of the sun, of the wind and of the rain that helped the plants to grow, of the molten rock that crushed the grains, of the silence that has lulled its rest and of the hands that have worked on it from the ground to the packaging.

ViVa flour has a story within: our story and the one of those who are part of this project. That is why our flour is ViVa.